Crossroad Belgrade Hostel  is located in the tourist core of the city, famous Dorćol, on the very crossroads of the four most important city areas. Only three blocks away, lies the main pedestrian zone (Knez Mihajlova Street) and central city square (Republic square). In the opposite direction you are couple minutes away from the most popular and trendiest Belgrade’s cafes, restaurants and pubs in Strahinjića Bana Street. This is Belgrade’s “silicone valley” – a web of downtown streets best known for their vibrant nightlife.

Taking the right turn from Crossroad Hostel, you get to Kalemegdan Fortress in ten minutes, Belgrade’s ancient fort and main tourist attraction. This is the biggest city park where you can enjoy in peaceful walk through nature. Just two blocks away from Crossroad Belgrade Hostel, the Bohemian quarter (Skadarlija) is situated. There you can find numerous traditional restaurants, and  completely enjoy traditional Serbian cuisine and music.

This actually means that if you make reservations for The Crossroad Belgrade Hostel, you are going to be just a step away from all the main city areas and events which are simply ‘must see’ during your stay in Belgrade. Our beautiful city can offer you so many cultural events, night clubs by the Danube River, Beer festival in august, beautiful Castle from the Turkish time with its magnificent part for picnics and many other places, either to have fun or simply have a relaxing vacation.

We promise you a peaceful, safe and comfortable time in Belgrade!